FSOF 3 is the third installment of the FSOF series which is currently not released yet.

Story Edit

Not much of the Story is knowned, But it will be either a prequel or sequel (undecided)

Characters Edit

Protagonists Security Guard(s) The name of the Sercurity Guard is unkowed nor his role in the Story, However, He is, in fact, a boy this time around.

Phone Guy Edit

He will indeed apear in the game, However, little is knowned about him

Antagonists Edit

Inkling Girl She is little to be knwoned so far in FSOF 3, however, she will make a apearence.

Saphire Freddy Edit

First appearing in FSOF 2, SF reapears in the game, this time an actual enemy

More will come soon


  • Several playable characters (not being limited to just being able to play as one character the whole game)
  • Customizing characters (choosing how it looks like)
  • Return of world map
  • Being able to level up your character(s) to be more powerful

Teasers Edit