The Inkling Girl is a Character and Main Atagonest of Five Splats On Freddy

Apearence Edit

She has a regular Inkling Girl look, Shes orange, has headphones, a Splattershot, pink shoes, black pants,and a white shirt.

Appearences Edit

Five Splats On Freddy Edit

She is the main atagonest of the game, she starts on night 3 and then on, to keep her away, you must throw bombs in the cameras to keep her away from the office.

Five Splats On Freddy 2 Edit


Five Splats On Freddy 3 Edit

Not much is knowned, however, She will be in FSOF 3.

Trivia Edit

In a minigame of FSOF 2, She is seen to have a little sister, however, her little sisiter's name is unknowned

In a troll fanfic, her name is revealed to be Inky